About Joe Beaulaurier

Brandy Shapiro-Babin, Jiyan Wei, Joe Beaulaurier

Brandy Shapiro-Babin, Jiyan Wei and Joe Beaulaurier at the PRSA Convention in Philadelphia, PA.
Photo credit: Lee Odden

As I write this, I am wondering if you would see me in a better light if I write in third-person voice (speaking about me as if written by someone else and I’m not here). This seemingly ridiculous struggle actually serves to describe me. You see, I’ve always been a student of human behavior, especially reactions to external stimuli (whether marketing messaging or the mile-long car queue to get on a ferry). I’ve become adept at reading body-language and anticipating how a simple change in a word can totally change the audience’s response to a message. This serves me and my clients well when given the time to think things through. Yet I still “step in it” during casual conversations as easily as the next guy. I guess I’m only human.

I’m also fascinated to a fault about dynamic systems. I blame this on my last year in college where I was converting several curriculums to automated learning systems and was exposed to a 400-level class on dynamic systems. A dynamic system is one where some element is striving toward yet never able to obtain some point of equilibrium. For instance, the population of wolves in a county in Washington goes up and down based on the availability (populations) of its prey. The same dynamics are happening in sales and marketing all the time and I count myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to have begun developing the ability at a young age to be able to recognize these systems amidst the chaos of data I face today.

Combine all this with my love of technology and you end up with a digital marketer, consultant, speaker and author.

I am more interested in helping others succeed than myself and I spend a lot of my time helping them do just that. I love helping others know what I know and do what I do even better or applying my expertise to help companies grow their targeting, reach and ultimately sales.