My personal brand and dog food

eat your own dog foodBack during my days at PRWeb we had a saying that resurfaced time and time again. It was a reminder to act on our own advice or “Eat our own dog food.” Well, I’m taking a big spoonful as I came to realize that I’ve been amiss in promoting my own personal brand.

A little¬†while back I was in an email exchange with a long-time professional acquaintance, David Meerman Scott, when he strongly urged me to do this pointing out how doing so was a tipping point for his current successes. I’ve been building up a presence for Whatcom Marketing, my company but failed to do so for me. And since, for now, I am, by myself, Whatcom Marketing, it’s a little embarrassing to admit I’ve been asleep at the switch.

But no longer.

Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be hundreds of posts to appear here over the next few years.

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